Organic - Barnyard Millets

Organic - Barnyard Millets

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Barnyard Millets - Hindi: Sanwa; Kannada: Oodhalu ;Tamil: Kuthiravaali; Telugu: Odalu;
* Their low GI makes them diabetic friendly.
* Most digestible and non-allergic grains - gluten free.
* good source of protein n excellent source of dietary fiber.

Replace it with rice & eat them with curries...
Soak (min 2 hrs or even overnight) 1 cup Millets with 2 cups water in a bowl - 1:2 ratio
Pour 200ml water in electric rice cooker bowl n place the soaked bowl n let them cook. (Avoid cooking in pressure cooker)
We can also prepare Upma, Kheer/payasam, Pulao... can also make Idli & Dosa.

  • Gluten free
  • Best at weight loss
  • 50 times the fibre content of rice (white-raw)
  • Reduces cholestrol
  • Provides b-complex vitamins
  • Improves skin condition
  • Perfect for idli, khichdi, pongal, bisibele bhath

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