Pawan S

  If I want to describe his farm in one word, it is “serene”. When I stepped in his farm I saw peacocks playing and calf calling her mother. He is from Jamakhandi. His great achievement is growing grapes organically apart from peas and cereals. He has a cow farm of indigenous breed. These cows are never tied, they graze naturally so that they live happy and natural. This impacts the quality of milk and hence ghee. Most of the farmers who tasted ghee from his farm end-up asking “can I buy few cows from your farm?” His ghee is in great demand both in Bangalore and Jamakhandi. He prepares Jeevamruth(Organic manure) using the cow dung and urine from these cows. He uses the same to prepare organic sprays for his crops. I truly realised why in our agrarian society we refer to cow as “gou matha<mother like Cow>”. He not only grows grapes naturally but also dries them under sun to get raisins. He also grows green grams, ground nuts, Black gram, maize.