Go(cow) Ark
Go(cow) Ark

Go(cow) Ark

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  • Pure and natural distilled cow urine.
  • Ark with Tulsi consists organic Tulsi with all the five parts. These 5 parts of TULSI is also known as “Panchanga”. This makes Ark a very powerful medicine!
  • Chandrama Ark is plain and made before son rise. 
  • An excellent medicine for those suffering from diseases like frequent cold, Low Immunity, Cough, Cold, Liver infections etc.
  • Cleanses the whole body. Improves body function on holistic level.
  • Balances vaat, pitta and kapha dosha. Hence, plays an important role in keeping you in good health.

Usage: For oral consumption, once a day, 5 to 10ml before food. Can be diluted with water before drinking.

Quantity: 500 ml

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