Gurellu (Niger seed) Chutney powder

Gurellu (Niger seed) Chutney powder

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Niger Chutney Powder is a flavour-packed powder bursting with health benefits. Home made and ZERO preservatives or taste enhancers. This traditional South Indian recipe combines the mighty flaxseed with a symphony of spices, creating a delicious way to incorporate flaxseed's goodness into your everyday meals.Made with roasted niger seeds (also known as ramtil or uchchele), this chutney powder is a popular tradition in North Karnataka and parts of Maharashtra, but its magic transcends borders.

This versatile powder adds a delightful punch to a variety of dishes. Sprinkle it over:

  • Jowar and bajra rotis
  • Chapatis and parathas
  • Idli and dosa
  • Cooked rice
  • Curries and stews

For an extra kick, mix it with ghee or curd.

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